LaRue is not just a furniture store. Of course we have a complete line of high quality furniture and one of a kind accessories unique to South Florida. But we go beyond to provide a total design and furnishing solution. We believe that each room is a space that awaits definition. Design and interior decorator are the tools used to create the shape, mood and texture to bring this space to life. The blend of elements in each room building to define the passion and warmth of a home. Our job is to help you by being the engineer of this spatial experience. We work to help decide what is the best way for you to live in this space and have the space live in you.

Everything at LaRue is done on premises. We bring the on site measurements to our facility and have our team of complimentary designers get to work. Depending on your descriminating specifications we can custom build from the finest fabrics, wood and leathers available. We can craft acrylic and mica pieces with wood accents. Exquisite tile and countertops. Skilled artisans and technicians can create everything from window treatments to integrated theatre and sound.

It's no wonder that LaRue Furniture is South Florida's premier design and furnishing center. Let us show you what we can do.